Who is

Pastor Fred Mwesigye?

Pastor Fred Mwesigye is a 39-year old male, born-again Christian born and raised in Entebbe, in Uganda. The first-born of 5 children, his parents are Mr. Ndyanabangi Justus (a retired Cheff), and Miss Nabuuma Agnes both living in Entebbe. He is married to Fausta Nansubuga Mwesigye (also born and raised in Entebbe) and together they have 5 children. Watch his nomination speech on YouTube

Independent Political Views

Pastor Fred Mwesigye is a non-partisan politician. He neither belongs to the ruling party (NRM) nor the opposition. He stands as an independent with a godly mandate to make a difference through the political sphere. This will in turn have a positive impact and effect on Uganda and on Africa as a whole.

His Mission for Uganda

"To establish and run a government guided in service delivery by consideration of the best interests of the people."

His Vision for Uganda

"A prosperous Godly nation in which thecitizens take pride."

A Value & Ethics-based Government

Pastor Fred Mwesigye undertakes to establish a value and ethics-based government that will in turn inspire citizens' adoption and adherence of and to the same. This is geared at promoting service above self. He intends to promote values that will influence efficiency in service delivery.

Why "Era of Love"?

Fifty eight (58) years at the time of this writing , Uganda has come so far and many milestones have been achieved in a number of spheres. Now is the time to protect what we have achieved and also lay new ground for a better Uganda. It is upon us as Ugandans to prepare for the future. This is why Pastor Fred Mwesigye is contesting for the Presidency of the Republic of Uganda.

He is here to usher in a new "Era of Love" based on the fear of God.  This love is not self-seeking but unites, forgives, honors and will defend Uganda. This kind of love is what will protect and transform this country.

Through "Era of Love", Pastor Fred Mwesigye will build a prosperous and godly nation in which all citizens shall take pride. The three pillars of government will be reconciled and strengthened, the economic and social lives of citizens transformed and the political atmoshphere of the country will be full of peace.

Vote "Era of Love"; Vote Pastor Fred Mwesigye for a protected, developed, and peaceful Uganda and Africa at large.

November 2020.

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