Energy, Environmental Conservation

Energy, Environmental Conservation

Upon completion of Karuma dam, Uganda’s national electricity grid will have 1,782 megawatts against an average demand of 500 megawatts. It’s absurd that only 28% of the population has access to electricity. To promote equitable distribution of the much-needed energy resource countrywide, my government will:

i. Ensure that 70% of the population has access to electricity by the year 2026.

ii. Reduce the cost of electricity through government subsidies so that the rural people can also access and benefit from it.

iii. Invest heavily in the development and installation of solar energy as an alternative to hydro-electricity.

Environmental conservation is vital for Ugandans to attain middle-class status because the environment is a source of livelihood for many of them. As a country largely dependent on agriculture, we need to not only preserve the environment, but also ensure that we improve it. My government will:

i. Stop the encroachment on wetlands and natural forests by effectively enforcing policies and legislation relating to environmental conservation.

ii. Enact policy and legislative reforms that promote afforestation.

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