Realization of Human Rights, Tax Reforms

Realization of Human Rights, Tax Reforms

As envisaged in our constitution, my government will promote human rights for all citizens. These rights have to be zealously respected and promoted for the benefit of,
among others, the under-privileged. My government will be a voice for the voiceless, by:

i. Empowering the disabled and vulnerable to have access to public services through cooperation with Non-Government Organizations and civil societies associated with
the same to eliminate discrimination and inequality based on age, sex, race, color, religion and disability and promote of tolerance and national unity.

ii. Establishing a policy to cater for the health and nutrition needs of persons above 65 years. These constitute 1.96% of the population according to the Uganda Demographic Profile, 2019.

iii. Strengthening and improving national campaigns against gender-based violence and violence against children. The 2016 Uganda Demographic Health Survey Report
gender-based violence indicator national figure was 39.6%, which is still too high. This will partly be achieved in collaboration with traditional leaders, communitybased
organizations, religious bodies, and community radios, among others.

iv. Emphasizing regional balance by ensuring that major services and infrastructure such as tarmacked roads, cellular networks, among others are evenly available in
every region.

v. Improving service delivery in local governments by developing policies that will encourage a comprehensive needs assessment in the planning process for financing
local governments so that allocation of resources supports development.

My government will:
i. Undertake legal reforms to increase the minimum resident individual income tax threshold to Ugx 550,000.

ii. Ensure certainty in the taxation of imports by availing the applicable custom values to importers.

iii. Undertake reforms that will establish a tax credit administration department in customs to provide tax credit facilities to exporters and importers. This will be achieved through accepting tax payment guarantees issued by insurance companies and banks.

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