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i. Increase the salaries of police officers and soldiers to ensure that their welfare and livelihoods are much better than they are now. The lowest take home salary proposed will be Ugx 500,000 for the lowest rank.

ii. Improve the living standards of service men and women by renovating or constructing barracks and living quarters through private-public partnerships.

iii. Train and strengthen the Criminal Investigation Department with sufficient skills necessary for them to fulfil their mandate of providing free timely professional services in respect to investigating and preventing crime.

iv. Enforce legislation and seek reforms that prohibit humans from being sacrificed or their organs trafficked.

v. Encourage religious leaders to promote love and motivate adherence to values and ethics, coupled with emphasis on moral rehabilitation among their followers.

vi. Enforce the protection and rewarding of whistle blowers.

vii. Continue the development of a professional and well-equipped, disciplined army.

viii. Adopt and acquire improved technology for defense and security through international cooperation.

ix. Improve and strengthen regional cooperation through targeted improvement of our relationships with boarder countries and fast tracking the East African
Federation development process.

x. Encourage forgiveness, reconciliation and unity in the nation.