Chapter One

Chapter One

In order to reduce government expenditure, the reckless loss of public funds, and to have sufficient funds allocated to the implementation of policies that will spur socio-economic transformation, I intend to:

a) Eliminate presidential advisors and rely on ministry and / or departmental technical personnel. When deemed necessary, I shall engage a third party for an opinion on a relevant or particular issue to promote citizen participation in governance.

b) Establish an efficient and effective cabinet of 21 ministers and seven ministers of state.

c) Introduce reforms that will reduce districts and constituencies to 62 (sixty-two). Hence cutting down significantly on administrative and representative expenditure.

d) Regulate and control government expenditure so as to reduce the burden on the tax payer. For example, I plan to prohibit non-essential travel for public servants, to emphasize value for money in procurement, eliminate wasteful expenditure and to encourage the application of modern technology in conducting government business.

e) Promote prudent and diligent handling of public affairs to curb reckless loss of public funds, for instance through court awards that deplete government resources and pose a heavy burden on the tax payer. Furthermore, corruption has exacerbated the bleeding of national coffers to the detriment of the tax payer.
f) Eliminate institutional mandate overlap. This will be achieved by eliminating the undertaking of similar or complimentary services by government institutions

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