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The 2020/2021 presidential election is at hand. It’s time for us the people of Uganda to choose our leadership and the decision we make will determine the direction of our country. I’m convinced that this is the time for us to resolve and get our Nation back to its foundation. Our fathers knew that for Uganda to realize her potential, she needs God in her political, social and economic trajectory. You can draw this from the National anthem where it’s stated, “Oh Uganda, may God uphold thee.” They further had it in mind that leadership is supposed to be in service to God first and then country as the motto they chose is, “For God and my country.” God is love. This means that we should build our government systems and policies on Love. It’s the reason why the theme of my government will be “love based on the fear of God” and this, I will achieve by working with all God-fearing people namely; Catholics, Muslims, Protestants, Seventh Day Adventists, and Pentecostals, among others without discrimination or favor but recognizing individual merit, personal abilities and credibility. It is by this kind of love that our nation can see inclusive development.

According to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics’ National Household Survey 2016 / 2017, poverty levels increased to 21.4% with an overall medium monthly wage of an employee at Ugx 168,000/= which amount is not sufficient for individuals to access basic needs. This mostly affects rural people who comprise more than 80% of the population. The situation has become worse with the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic which has left many jobless and in a deplorable state. We therefore need a selfless government whose mandate is to be people-focused. A government that will administer leadership with love for the nation and its people based on the fear of God. I intend to form and lead such a government.

I view leadership as custodianship where decisions and actions are supposed to be taken in the best interests of the nation and the people with the view that the leader will one day be accountable to God. This is based on the fact that leadership comes from Him. Therefore, in my government, service delivery will be founded on the principle of consideration of the people’s and nation’s best interest in policy formulation.

I intend to establish a government that seeks to support and empower the poor and unprivileged so that they can attain middle-income status which, based on the current basic standards and cost of living, should be a minimum wage of between Ugx 800,000 and Ugx 1,000,000 per month. It is only through love based on the fear of God that we will solve many of this country’s challenges like corruption and spur development at a rate we have never imagined. Only love-based leadership will achieve the results that will make Ugandans proud of their country. This success will lead to the East African community realizing the great dream of the East African Federation which is essential for our political, economic and social freedom. This will further inspire consolidated African unity, a dream which many have deeply yearned for.